For 30 years, Acme Construction has been successfully completing general engineering projects throughout the western United States. As the changing economy has demanded more competitive bidding, many times service and quality are ignored in an effort to generate the lowest possible bid.

That's not the case around here. After all, the word acme means "the highest degree attainable;" and Acme isn't just our name, it's our core value.

In a market which becomes increasingly competitive each year, we've set ourselves apart by providing the highest degree of service and quality possible. Despite this focus, we haven't forgotten about the importance of on-time completion, safety and price. We follow the golden rule when dealing with subcontractors and suppliers, which provides us with access to competitive pricing and subcontractors who meet our high expectations of quality. Finally, we have a proven record of getting the job done safely, and on time.

That's the way we've done things around here for almost 30 years.

 Certifications and Achievements

  • Active E100 and B100 licenses and is licensed to construct residential, commercial and civil project of unlimited size in the State of Utah
  • An Emod safety rating well below the nation average
  • Never been charged liquidated damages
  • Never required a bonding company to complete a project for them
  • Successfully bonds and completes millions of dollars of work each year
  • Completed over 1000 individual projects since incorporation in 1984
  • 8 projects selected as ACPA Project of the Year, 5 as ACI Project of the Year, and has received several AGC Platinum Safety Awards

Schedule Driven

With more than a dozen in-house excavation, flatwork, structural and utility crews, Acme Construction is large enough to balance resources and guarantee that all projects progress as quickly as possible.  As proven on past projects, each project may have several of these crews working concurrently to meet aggressive project schedules and timelines.

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